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Court Report

A 21-year-old man is held on bail of $20,000 in a domestic violence case. In this matter, KVZK News will not identify the defendant, a...

Court Report

An arrest warrant has been issued against a woman over allegations that she took an iPhone from the F&F Electronic Repair Shop in Nu’uli....

Court Report

A mechanic labeled as a scammer by the High Court over allegations that he sold two vehicles that did not belong to him was released on...

Dermatology services offered at LBJ

The LBJ is now offering dermatology services via telehealth, thanks to the assistance of Dr. Tobi Marrow in partnership with the Tropical...

Court Report

Sentencing for Iosefa Su’a, implicated in a drug case, has been deferred for three years by the High Court. The defendant pleaded guilty...

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