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$1.5 million allocated for development of leased land in Samoa

The American Samoa Government has allocated $1.5 million to develop government land in Samoa.

This is included in ASG’s $25.5 million special programs for 2024. An increase compared to the last fiscal year of $19.58 million as part of the $664.93 million proposed budget for fiscal year 2024.

The land development in Samoa is part of the land swap between the two Governments, whereas the lease is for nine months.

In the Senate today, Attorney General Fainu'ulelei Falefatu Alailima-Utu, there is an existing lease between the two Governments.

Initially, Samoa allocated a parcel for ASG in Vailima. However, due to security issues, as it is close to the Chinese Embassy in Samoa, hence seeking another location, and the only available land near town is in Moata’a next to the Taumeasina Island Resort, which is one acre.

The AG made it clear the condition of the leases is precisely the same for land here and in Samoa. In June, ASG hired a Silva Group to clear the land in Moata’a.

The land allocated for the Samoa Government is in Petesa, next to the Department of Health.

The land lease agreement was signed in the territory in early March during the Atoa o Samoa talks.

Senator Malaepule Fuena Moliga queried how the land swap would benefit the public. Fainuulelei further explained that various services will be offered once an office is established in Samoa, not only for US nationals residing there but also for services between the two Samoa, including trading, which will benefit both governments.

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