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$1.8 million to contract 30 nurses from the Philippines

A total of $1.8 million dollars has been allocated to contract 30 nurses from the Philippines, who are US licensed as per the National Council Licensure Examination.

This was confirmed in an analytical report prepared by the Executive Director of the LBJ board Dr Jean Anderson submitted to the hospital Board.

The report dated April 17, 2023, indicates that while having US-certified nurses from the Philippines is a plus for the hospital, however, the disadvantage is that there is a limitation on the hiring of Nurses from the Philippines.

The report was submitted by Dr Anderson to KVZK News.

Separate from the report, Dr Anderson told KVZK news, in the past, Filipino nurses were approached directly and brought in an illegal manner using a visitors permit.

That practice was done for many years which eventually led the LBJ hospital on the Government of Philippines blacklist meaning they cannot request nurses from the Philippines.

Dr Anderson said they were not aware of this until one of the Filipino nurses broke down during a meeting expressing concerns they are not in the territory legally therefore they are not protected under immigration laws.

Additionally, in order for the LBJ to request nurses from the Philippines they need special approval from the Philippines Consulate General, who was in the territory last month.

The report referenced a contract with Healthcare Alliance Group that is proposing to bring 30 Nurses from the Philippines for two years.

The original contract rate was $3.4 million, but LBJ in the process of negotiating a contract reduced it to half that cost.

The report further says that 10 contract nurses should arrive by June 15, 2023, and 20 more nurses the following month in the amount of $1.87 million dollars.

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