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14 JPSAS students receive scholarships

A total of fourteen students received scholarships to further their education and pursue their athletics goals, thanks to the continued assistance of Jr Prep Sports America Samoa.

The event was held at DDW yesterday afternoon, and hosted by the Jr Prep Sports America Samoa.

The JPSAS is a “Student First” Program that uses various sporting activities as a tool to emphasize the importance of education.

Rules and regulations are established to ensure that players play in an atmosphere of safety with the welfare of the player at the forefront.

Scholastic requirements for participants re-enforce and ensure that each participant understands that schoolwork comes first, under the leadership of its President, Lydia Faleafine Nomura and Commissioner Dr Tupulua Bone Taase.

Among the guest speaker is the Director of Commerce, Petti Matila.

DOC oversees the Community Service Block Grant and to date over $200,000 has been allocated for the development of Sports and Educational programs for student-athletes over the span of six years.


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