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2024 Weekly Weather Update

Satellite imageries and model data show that the trough that brought frequent thunderstorms in the area in the last 12 to 24 hours has migrated east and north of the territory.

This feature aligns with a mid-level low-pressure system lingering just east of the area, which model solutions suggest will remain through midweek before migrating further east. For the first half of the week, expect light and variable winds with afternoon showers. As the week progresses into the second half, models show the aforementioned trough to migrate over the area once more.

This will increase the potential for numerous showers, heavy at times, with embedded thunderstorms through the weekend. Light and variable winds from the east will prevail throughout the forecast period.

As a reminder, we are approaching the peak of hurricane season. We encourage you to be prepared and stay tuned by visiting our website at for the latest weather updates or calling us at 699-9130. Use #Asweather #ASWX if you post any weather related impacts on social media.


Combined seas have been observed to remain below advisory thresholds in the last couple of days. These conditions are projected to remain along the coastal waters for the rest of the forecast period. However, models are also suggesting a long period (>13 seconds) swell from the north-northwest will reach shores tonight through the rest of the week. Although seas will remain around 4 to 7 feet for the most part of the forecast, the potential for hazardous conditions still remains as periods will be long, especially for the north and northwest shores. Be cautious of strong rip currents, higher surfs, and elevated winds and seas near thunderstorms.

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