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Acting Gov: "Thank you for your dedication and tireless efforts" teachers

Acting Governor Talauega E. V. Ale says the strength of every profession in the Territory grows out of the knowledge and skills that teachers instil in the children.

"Many of us have had a teacher who believed in us when no one else did. The job of a teacher is critical to the success of our children and to the prosperity of our Territory," said Talauega in honor of teachers week, which is celebrated throughout this week.

"For generations, Teachers have been entrusted with this most critical of responsibilities. Despite the changing times, teachers continue to heed the call and serve selflessly in one of the most honorable professions."

Talauega said the teacher's influence on our children's lives is immeasurable, and extends far beyond the classroom.

"They continue to mold the next generation of leaders and transform the lives of many.

"On behalf of Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga and our families, we thank all the teachers of American Samoa for their commitment and passion for the education of our children. "We recognize the significant contributions our teachers make to the success of our students, and we thank all of our teachers for devoting their lives to empowering our children.

"Thank you for your dedication and tireless efforts in shaping the minds of our future generations."

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