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AG proposes to amend Entry Permit Waiver Program

The Attorney General’s office has issued a "Notice of Intended Action” informing the public of its intention to adopt specific rules.

The Attorney General proposes to adopt the immigration rules outlined in the American Samoa Administrative Code (ASAC) 41.1101 to 41.1105 regarding the American Samoa Entry Permit Waiver Program. Interested persons may submit written comments on the proposed rules to the Office of the Attorney General on or before September 26, 2023.

Entry Permit Waiver Program allows citizens of select countries to travel to American Samoa without obtaining an Entry Permit for stays up to 30 days or less for tourism and business purposes.

To be eligible for entry under the P, a traveler must provide a non-expired machine readable Passport valid for at least six months after the planned departure from American Samoa and a confirmed round-trip ticket to the point of origin or onward passage.

Also, a written confirmation that traveler will be staying at a hotel or has lodging secured with a host while visiting American Samoa and that the traveler or host will be responsible for all public debts of the traveler, including but not limited to LBJ hospital medical expenses.

The host must be at least 21 years old and is the owner of the home or lessee of an apartment in which the traveler is staying in American Samoa.

Also, the traveler did not violate the laws of American Samoa, the country of origin, or other jurisdictions that cause exclusion or deportation. There is a payment of US $40.00 processing fee.

The documents and payment must be provided to the Office of the Attorney General or the Immigration Office at least three business days before travel.

If the requirements are satisfied, the Office of the Attorney General will issue an OK to Board document allowing entry into American Samoa without an entry permit.

Upon arrival at the port of entry, the traveler must present a copy of the OK to Board document to the Immigration officer.

Eligibility under the program does not guarantee approval of an Entry Permit Waiver Program application or entry into American Samoa.

Immigration officers may refuse entry at the port of entry based on American Samoa laws.

A traveler who poses a threat to the welfare, health, safety, or security of American Samoa will be denied access and placed back on the arriving vessel to be returned to the point of origin.

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