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All ASG employees received pay bumps.

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

All employees of the American Samoa Government have now received their pay raises according to the Director of Human Resources. Director Lynn Pulou Alaimalo said the Department of Human Resources has been working since last year to make sure ASG employees are incentivized for their duties and responsibilities. “It is wonderful news for all government employees, especially those who have worked for many years in government but are still earning the same salary”, said Pulou Alaimalo.

Since Governor Lemanu P. S Mauga issued e memorandum last year to confirm the new salary increase for ASG employees, the Department of Human Resources have been working collaboratively with ASG Departments to streamline the process and also to make sure employees are incentivized for the duties and responsibilities.

To make sure that no one is left out Pulou Alaimalo said some of her staff were tasked to inventory the list to make all departments of Government were covered.

Employees of ASG are very happy with pay bumps. KVZK News spoke to a few employees who expressed satisfaction with their current salaries. Many have taken to social media to thank Governor Lemanu and Lt Governor Talauega and their administration for this long overdue salary hike.

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