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Am. Samoa congratulates the US Coast Guard on their 233rd bday

American Samoa has joined America in celebrating this momentous day, August 4th, to commemorate a pivotal event in our nation's maritime history —the authorization of the Revenue Cutter Service by the United States on this date in 1790.

Under the guidance of Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury, this service was established as an armed customs enforcement agency, marking the birth of what we now proudly call the United States Coast Guard.

Last night more than ten US Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team members based in Honolulu arrived in the territory to conduct water survival training to have local Marine Patrol Officers prepare for any situation.

While fully equipped, these crew members executed critical safety protocols to tackle unexpected water immersion. In celebration of the US Coast Guard, Acting Governor Talauega E.V. Ale says their tireless efforts have made them unparalleled in ensuring maritime safety, security, and stewardship.

The entire community stands united in expressing our deep gratitude to the Coast Guardsmen, both present and past, for their selfless commitment to protecting our great nation.

Their dedication inspires us all, and we take this opportunity to honor their sacrifices and bravery. On this splendid occasion, we extend our warmest wishes to the United States Coast Guard as they celebrate their 233rd birthday.

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