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American Samoa drops Covid 19 vaccine requirement

By:Tosimaeʻa Tupua

Starting November 15th American Samoa will no longer require travelers from outside the Territory to show proof of vaccination according to the Honorable Governor Lemanu P. S Mauga. It puts American Samoa in line with nearly every other country in the world that has dropped pandemic-era travel restrictions. Currently, travelers 5 years and older must show proof of vaccination. In a decision made this week at the Taskforce Meeting, the committee approved the removal of the vaccination requirement for entry as per the existing Emergency Declaration reverting back to pre-Covid-19 travel and entry requirements.

According to Governor Lemanu, the removal of these final restrictions means that, as a Territory, we are sending a signal to the world that we are serious about getting back to business and we want our people to live normal lives without unnecessary restrictions. This is just another step to reclaiming what Covid-19 took away from us - this is American Samoa’s post-pandemic,” said Governor Lemanu.

Governor Lemanu also said our own experience, coupled with evidence from around the world, suggests that under current circumstances removing the vaccination requirement for entry will not result in any undue pressure on our health services. However, should circumstances change in the future, then of course, our health ministry will be empowered to re-introduce any necessary border entry and public health legislative measures that may be required.

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