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ASG accesses $15 million for training to equip workers

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act convention recently held in Arlington, Virginia was a success for our local Human Resources Department having access to $15 million in grant funding.

This will be made available to support training needed to access jobs in high-demand career

Human Resources Director Lynn Pulou-Alaimalo told KVZK news the American Samoa Government has access to a $15 million grant. The funds will equip workers for opportunities in care, climate resiliency and hospitality.

The American Samoa Government Department of Human Resources has conveyed the language applicable to our territory with propositions reflecting the manpower needs for federal externships and opportunities, trade and skilled labor positions with entities evolved around dexterity works, and medical professions.

The Director acknowledged the United States Department of Labor for the inclusive efforts to catalyze the success of WIOA programs in the Territory of American Samoa. Work-based Learning programs, Summer Youth Employment programs, On the Job training programs and Apprenticeship Certification programs are the products of our successful partnership with states and territories of the United States of America.

“Our team will continue to break down silos and create strategic plans from the effective evaluations handled by our hardworking case managers.

“We look forward to establishing our first ever territorial meeting with all US territories and expanding opportunities with our west region experts.”

Adding the funding will help to create jobs and training opportunities for our island territory.

Also, the WIOA Program still remains a contributing factor of success for American Samoa with its full-force engine of data-driven capabilities, capacity building with its vast programs and the training development opportunities it provides for the people of American Samoa.

The HR team has been able to expand research by seeking opportunities, building partnerships with states and territories and engaging both private and public sectors to maximize workforce success.

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