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ASG amends their Travel Police

The Department of Treasury has amended its Travel Policy memorandum and the summary of updates included are language clarification, source information and stronger guidance concerning per diem structure and justification for travel planning.

This is to help accommodate inflation, local taxes and situations that may require per diem rates to be different from those outlined by the General Services Administration, United States Department of Defense and the US State Department sources.

Furthermore, the revisions to the land transportation section, to include ride-share programs and an increase in maximum allowable requests; must be met with a needs assessment based on research of local land transportation rates.

Also updated local rates for Manu'a and Swains Island and revised process for travelers returning travel allowance back to the ASG.

All government-sponsored travel/travelers should prepare travel authorization requests 30 days prior to the date of departure.

As always, any grant-funded travel should be pre-approved by the grantor and in compliance with your respective grant awards and with any required Federal laws or regulations.

This travel policy became effective this past Monday, May 15, 2023.

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