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ASG approves 7-day entry permit waiver program for citizens of Samoa

The Attorney General’s office has confirmed that effective Friday, October 19, 2023, the American Samoa Government will offer a 7-day entry permit waiver program for citizens of Samoa to travel to the territory.

A notice posted on the Attorney General’s Office website outlines the requirements for the entry permit waiver. Samoa is to reciprocate in kind by waiving the entry permit for US nationals from American Samoa for stays of up to 7 days.

This was one of the issues discussed at every Atoa o Samoa executive meeting since its revival in April 2022. The traveler must have:

  • A valid passport or document of identity

  • Confirmed roundtrip ticket

  • Confirmed hotel booking or host who is the owner of a home or lessee of an apartment

  • A traveler not excludable under the law

  • Pay a $10 USD nonrefundable fee

  • Apply 3 business days before the travel date

  • 400 travelers under the 7-day entry permit waiver will be allowed monthly

According to the notice, travelers entering American Samoa to board fishing or other commercial vessels are not eligible for this special permit waiver.

Travelers must apply online at

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