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ASG awaiting outcomes for the fourth Atoa O Samoa meeting

The Fourth Atoa o Samoa Executive Meeting, held in Apia earlier this month, acknowledges ongoing joint efforts in trade, labor mobility, immigration, and border security.

Also, the American Samoa Government is still awaiting feedback on the 'Outcomes' from the Government of Samoa.

Upon receiving the updates, the government leaders will conduct a review for final approval before publishing the 'Outcomes' for the fourth Atoa O Samoa Meeting. The executive meeting addressed the significance of enhancing telecommunications, environmental conservation, and sustainable fisheries management.

This is according to the Chief of Staff, Loa Tauapa’i Laupola, in a statement to the media.

He said the executive meeting also discussed new measures and requirements for visitor travel permits for both governments, and the two governments highlighted the importance of strengthening relationships in education, sports, and culture, as well as transportation and infrastructure.

Furthermore, recognized achievements included completing various training programs, hosting the April trade show, and collaborating to enhance disaster resilience.

According to the Chief of Staff, on the final day, visits to different sectors in Savai'i demonstrated Samoa's dedication to self-sufficiency and reducing dependence on imports, emphasizing strategies for community-led growth.

The site visits enabled the American Samoa delegation to explore potential avenues for collaborative assistance between the two governments.

The next Atoa O Samoa meeting will be hosted by American Samoa, with an ongoing commitment to uphold the established Memorandum of Understanding.

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