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ASG dedicates two major infrastructure projects on the west side

Development projects to better serve the public are the mission behind infrastructure investments under the Lemanu and Talauega administrations.

Today, the American Samoa Government dedicated two major infrastructure projects on the west side. The multipurpose building for Fagalii Elementary and road works from Fagalii to Fagamalo.

Snow Contractor constructed the gymnasium valued at nearly $800,000 for Fagalii Elementary. While Paramount was in charge of the road works from Fagalii to Fagamalo, the project cost was not announced during the opening.

Governor Lemanu P.S Mauga noted the importance of investing in the education infrastructure to ensure students attend school in a healthy environment.

He said it is the administration’s commitment to prioritize education development by improving and upgrading the facilities of many schools across the territory.

According to the governor, education plays a crucial role in socio-economic development; regarding the road works, Lemanu acknowledged the company for a job well done.

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