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Lt Gov releases 2023 edition of the American Samoa Administrative Code

Lt. Governor Talauega Eleasalo Vaalele Ale, acting in his capacity as the Secretary of American Samoa, has published and released the Official 2023 Edition of the American Samoa Administrative Code (Administrative Code).

The Administrative Code is the official reporter of the rules, regulations, and procedures that the departments, agencies, commissions, boards, and other ASG entities adopt to execute and enforce the general laws that have been passed by the Fono and enacted by the Governor.

Local law requires that the Secretary publish and make available for public inspection the revised or supplemented Administrative Code every two years.

The last known publication of the Administrative Code was published in 1982. Upon taking office in 2021, Honorable Governor Lemanu Sialega Peleti Mauga took immediate action and directed the Office of the Secretary to proceed with all expediency and diligence to compile and publish an updated version of the Administrative Code.

Two years of research, investigation, and analysis of both private and public records to assemble this official version of the Administrative Code has culminated in this, the 2023 Edition of the American Samoa Administrative Code, the first official reporter in over 40 years. The Secretary will update the Administrative Code in real-time as previously promulgated rules are recovered and as departments promulgate new Rules.

These updates will be made available via the Secretary of American Samoa website which will have a downloadable PDF of the 2023 Edition of the Administrative Code.

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