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ASG take steps to pay legal claims

The administration has submitted a bill to appropriate close to $300,000 to provide partial payment of various legal claims against the American Samoa government.

Appropriation is required as this settlement is under the statutory threshold set in A.S.C.A. The bill introduced this week will settle allegations brought by the United States Department of Justice and the litigation against the ASG.

The appropriated sum of $278,000 for partial payment of settlement amounts agreed upon in the following cases Simeonica Tuiteleapaga/DOL v. ASG in the amount of $100,000;

Mona and Nicholas King $90,000; Howard Dunham $20,000; and $17,000 for three cases, Lolesio Smith; Maatuliinanu Maea, Siini Paepae and Togotogo Sotoa.

The Funds shall be payable from the unbudgeted, unexpended and unobligated revenues of the American Samoa Government for fiscal 2023.

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