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ASPA issues public apology in light of electricity outages

The American Samoa Power Authority has issued a public apology for the electricity outages over the weekend.

In a press statement, ASPA confirmed the Satala Power Plant caught fire and damaged two generators. The Satala Plant was offline and affected Utulei to Onenoa.

When the power was off, ASPA water crews appealed to the public to conserve water and for car washes or other high water uses to be stopped or kept to a minimum so the water system could maintain water pressure on Saturday.

The power was restored at the Tafuna Power Plant, and most of the west had electricity on after a few hours.

During the outage, ASPA water teams were out to maintain water pressure throughout the island.

ASPA also confirmed that emergency protocols were in place to ensure water was not impacted too much on the east side. At 12:15 p.m. on Saturday, Power was restored to the east side. ASPA also acknowledged the quick response from the Search & Rescue Fire Department when the generators caught on fire.

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