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Assessment team finalizes damage assessment report

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua


Teams conducting assessment of the damages left behind by the king tides last week will submit their report to the Government this week. An immediate request was made by the TCO Samana Ve’ave’a to assess the damage of residential homes near shorelines of Tutuila.

Since last week, the Department of Homeland Security has deployed five teams to conduct assessment of the damages. Team 1 covered Onenoa, Aoa, Masefau, Masuasi and Laulii. They identified two families from Laulii located on the beach below breakers point who were affected by the ocean water entering their homes but were safely evacuated. There were no claims of casualties and serious damages to property. Team 2 covered Fagasa and Pago Pago and they reported no casualties or serious damages to properties. Team 3 covered Aua, Leloaloa, Satala, Fagatogo and Utulei and they reported that two families in Aua experienced flooding caused by the strong waves but no casualties and major damages to their homes.

In Fagaalu all the way to Nuuli, the village of Fatu ma Futi was known to have been heavily affected by the waves that crashed onto the road and family homes. As the team entered Nuuuli Coconut Point area, they noticed visible impacts from the waves. The report says families have requested a rock wall to block out the direct impact of the waves during high tides. There were no casualties or homes damaged. The team also visited Tafuna to Amanave to assess the western part of Tutuila and concluded that there were neither casualties nor homes damaged by the waves. The assessment team was in Aunuu last Friday together with Dr Lauvao and staff of the Department of Health to assess the damages and for the Department of Health to provide medical assistance for families affected.

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