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ASTCA assists residents of Manu’a.

By: Tosimae'a Typua

American Samoa

Telecommunication Authority CEO Chuck Leota says people in Manua will continue to stay connected with relatives in Tutuila even during the earthquakes. According to Leota ASTCA team members in Manu’a are equipped with satellite phones for first-responder emergency services.

“ASTCA will make this resource available for residents in case of family emergencies. Since experiencing disruption to the submarine portion of the BLAST cable off the Manu’a Islands, service between Tutuila, Ofu, and Ta’u has been maintained by multiple long-range microwave and satellite connections pending repair of the BLAST cable”, says Leota.

He continued,”Recent seismic activity has impacted the alignment of these connections, and our teams are adjusting and monitoring them accordingly to maintain service”. Leota encourages residents to contact ASTCA’s 24hr customer service support team at 611 or 699-3000.

During Friday’s briefing to discuss plans for Manu’a, Governor Lemanu asked Leota not to disconnect families whose accounts are overdue as they need to connect with families in Tutuila and elsewhere in case something serious happens. Leota said ASTCA adheres to and follows the administration's lead accordingly. The ASTCA family keeps the people of the Manu'a islands in our thoughts and pray for their safety, says Leota.

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