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ASTCA opens state of the art office in Nuuuli

By: Tosimaea Tupua

ASTCA has unveiled brand new flagship store in Nuuli near the CBT. The new store will serve as a one-stop-shop for customers to experience new products and services. Here is more

The move is part of the ASCTA’s broader plan of redesigning its outlets for improved retail presentation of its products and services. According to the ASCTA Marketing team, the store features cutting-edge mobile products and fixed broadband services aimed at enhancing the lives of customers and empowering individual communication needs.

The store also includes a customer care point where products and services can be purchased, report faults, apply for new services, as well as a billing centre for services payments. The store is the first in a series of outlets that ASTCA will open around the Territory in its complete transformation drive that will enable it to service its customers in a friendly environment allowing for interactions with customers in an open plan set-up. At the opening ceremony today, Lt Governor Talauega E V Ale thanked ASTCA for working their part in the development of American Samoa.

CEO of ASTCA Chuck Leota, was clearly very happy with the new shop. He said with the new concept design, the focus is on experience and creating a destination ICT store that acts as a showcase for the ASTCA brand, with the objective to draw customers into the brand, over and above making sales. “Almost two years ago … the Lemanu & Talauega Administration made very clear to the new ASTCA Board and management team their expectations. They spoke hard truths and did not mince their words.

Paraphrasing, they said, “Keep American Samoa relevant in the new digital economy. Build the infrastructure so that our people don’t just survive … but thrive in this ever-changing world. Ensure digital equity for our people … so everyone has access to online information, has the tools for education, healthcare, and can make a living … without having to leave American Samoa,”said Leota. He continued, “And with this … our work was definitely cut out for us. Immediately we began drawing on the experience and accomplishments of those who came before us as ASTCA had experienced giant technology changes over the last 4 – 6 years.”

Leota thanked Governor Lemanu and Lt Governor Talauega for the vision and noted that the rate of development of ICT products and services has increased dramatically over the years and shows no sign of slowing. He added that the growth is a result of significant investments in infrastructure and the introduction of healthy competition.

“Today we have the fastest internet, underground fiber, mobile LTE services, high-definition Television, FirstNet emergency services for our First Responders, the most coverage, and so much more. And we do this at the lowest possible cost to our people so everyone in every village can access quality and affordable services.

And ASTCA is also working very hard to improve and provide the best 24/7 customer service. And we are working on allowing our customers to track their repairs and service orders in real time with 24/7 status reports and updates for improved customer experience and transparency. This is why the ASTCA Board and the 170+ hardworking people of Team ASTCA believed it was time that our retail stores, our Brand,

and everything we do reflects the New ASTCA our new look which reflect our new values and our new culture of striving to provide the best service and world-class technologies to our people,” said Leota.

Leota also thanked his staff and said the effort represents a drive to help customers explore more, learn more and achieve more, and an effort by ASTCA to ensure that retail stores are not just stores that stock products, but a place where the company demonstrate how technology can transform lives and businesses.

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