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ASVB/ASCC offers Professional Development in Hospitality courses

The reopening of borders has seen an influx of tourists to the territory with the intent to explore, experience and enjoy American Samoa.

Tourism development is on the rise and after careful evaluation, the Visitors Bureau in collaboration with the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) have developed a certified hospitality training program to be delivered this summer.

The certified program titled “Professional Development in Hospitality” is an opportunity for employees, in the tourism industry/private sector and interested individuals to further their capabilities in the service field.

The program aims to equip the participants with the skills and knowledge needed in the industry through relevant theory and practical assessments.

Two courses are offered in the first phase of the program - Basic Hospitality Management and Customer Service Application, all participants must complete both courses, and earn two Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) per course to be awarded a Certificate of Completion for each course.

Furthermore, the program scope is to increase local product development in the tourism sector to not only cater for tourists but also build community engagement.

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