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Bluesky Board of Directors are on island for the official launch of its 5G Network

On Wednesday February 7, 2024, the Bluesky Board of Directors, Chairman Jowell Taoi, ATH CEO Ivan Fong, Director Jules Maher, Director Pradeep Lai, and Director Ashnil Prasad met with the Honorable Governor Lemanu P.S. Mauga.

The Chief of Staff Loa Tuimavave Tauapa’i and Director of Commerce Petti Matila were also present at the meeting. The visiting delegates engaged in key discussions aimed at strengthening the bonds in Tutuila and Manu’a. Amongst these discussions were to explore opportunities to harness the telecom and technological expertise of ATH (Bluesky’s parent company). This visit marks the beginning of future collaborations expected to encompass ownership of submarine cables, prospects for new investments with positive implications for the island and its people, as well as advancements in American Samoa's digital infrastructure.

The Bluesky Board of Directors are on island for the official launch of Bluesky’s 5G Network at a Corporate event at the Lee Auditorium on Thursday, Feb 8, 2024 with a special performance by legendary Jerome Grey and showcase of 5G demos by Ericsson.

The 5G demos include a robot dog, race car latency simulator, and a holographic mini portal and will be available at the Bluesky retail store at Laufou on Friday and Saturday only (Feb 9 and 10). It is noteworthy to mention the American Samoa Department of Commerce had awarded Bluesky $3.35M in ARPA funds to upgrade to the 5G Network.

The American Samoa Government aims to prioritize the investment in accessibility to high-speed broadband services, as it plays a crucial role in fostering local economic growth and diversification.

The focus on improved connectivity not only opens up more opportunities for businesses (e-commerce), education (distance learning), and healthcare (telehealth) but also paves the way for numerous other advancements. Notably, BlueSky AS has made history by becoming the first among its group of companies in the Pacific region to achieve 5G – marking a significant achievement and milestone.

Photo Credit: Governor's Office

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