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Bluesky donates $3,000 to the American Samoa Cancer Coalition

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Bluesky continues its community service. This time, the company presented the American Samoa Cancer Coalition with a donation of $3,000.

This aligns with October’s International Awareness Month of Breast Cancer, commonly known as “Pinktober,” for the waves of pink that people worldwide wear to support those affected by breast cancer.

This was confirmed in a press statement released by the Company, noting the donation is part of their Customer Service Week. The monetary donation is to support our people fighting cancer.

Bluesky continues to invest in our community and is grateful for the opportunity to offer support through their donation to the American Samoa Cancer Coalition and raise awareness about breast cancer.

Bluesky also acknowledges the American Samoa Cancer Coalition for all their hard work raising awareness in the community and supporting people suffering from breast cancer.

According to the statement, Bluesky Chief Executive Officer Justin Tuiasosopo said: "our community strives to seek a positive impact and inspire change only through spreading awareness and investing in these charities.

"With this annual donation, Bluesky hopes to support the American Samoa Cancer Coalition in its efforts to develop better methods to care for breast cancer victims in our community."

Photo Credit: Bluesky Communications

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