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Border security discussed during Atoa o Samoa meeting

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

During the meeting of the Atoa o Samoa in Apia Mr Elisara Elisara of the Customs Office said ongoing collaboration is needed including legal and regu-latory processes between the two samoa especially in the customs clearance and procedures area. There were concerns raised by the two governments on the increasing number of counterfeit goods including prescription drugs, merchandise, cosmetic and electronics passing through the borders of the two Samoa. Elisara said these ongoing problems encountered at our borders will continue to impact our growth of legitimate businesses of both countries, especially with the practice of repackaging expired goods. Elisara said that it is important for customs agencies of both countries to verify place of origin invoices. It was also mentioned during the meeting training opportunities offered by American Samoa for Samoan officials on intelligence sharing.

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