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Broadband Steering Committee members appointed

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Governor Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga has appointed John Marsh, Commissioner, Office of Financial Institutions, and Rev. lasepi Ulu of the Fagatogo Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa, to the Broadband Steering Committee.

The appointment comes five months after the Governor established the territorial broadband coordination, opportunities, redevelopment, and deployment office.

The governor noted that Mr. Marsh and Rev Ulu would service a term of one year, effective immediately.

The Broadband Office is under the portfolio of the Department of Commerce, which highlights that broadband access is essential to the prosperity and quality of life of everyone living in American Samoa.

Broadband is vital to commerce, the economic vitality of communities, and American Samoa's global competitiveness.

This broadband is critical to delivering education, health care, transportation services, public safety, emergency response, and other critical services, also creates an inclusive infrastructure that addresses the needs of people with disabilities, the elderly, minors and the community as a whole.

The office shall be led by the Territorial Broadband Coordinator, who shall be hired by and report to the Director of Commerce or his/her designee.

“Develop and employ personnel resources with industry knowledge of broadband, telecommunications, and information technology policy; apply for, manage, and coordinate the use of broadband funding available to the American Samoa Government in coordination with the Broadband Steering Committee (BSC).”

Furthermore, the office will evaluate and report annually to the Director of Commerce on the extent, quality, and affordability of broadband offerings in American Samoa.

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