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Cabinet special meeting

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

The Honorable Governor Lemanu P. S Mauga and Lt. Governor Taluega E. V Ale hosted a special meeting of their cabinet on Saturday August 20 at the ASCC Multipurpose Center. KVZK News understands the main purpose of the meeting was for Governor Lemanu to brief the cabinet regarding the issue of the recent seismographic activities surrounding the Manu'a islands.

On Monday, August 15, 2022, the Honorable Lemanu P.S. Mauga and a team made up of Department of Health Director Motusa Nua, Department of Homeland Security Director Samana Ve’ave’a, Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources Director Taotasi Soliai, Department of Education Deputy Director Roxanne Salave'a, and Governor’s Office staff Sualevai Sualevai, visited the Manu'a islands to speak with concerned residents and village council members regarding the seismographic activities surrounding the Manu'a islands.

Honorable Governor Lemanu said his recent visit to Manua has been a great opportunity to hear their concerns. “We will respond quickly to the immediate actions needed to ensure a swift and safe evacuation from coastal villages, villages with only one main road, and villages that need a good water source at evacuation sites." said Lemanu. Governor Lemanu further explained that at this time, more off-island resources, Federal personnel, scientists, and equipment are on the way to assist in gathering more facts and information on locating the source of the seismicity and further explaining if these occurrences are linked to pre-eruption activity. Governor Lemanu also pointed out that our local resources have been mobilized to assist throughout the Manua islands. The Department of Public Health has Behavioral and Mental Health physicians staged in both Ta’u and Ofu/Olosega, as well as various first responders from the Department of Public Safety and Department of Homeland Security, and the Search and Rescue Office. Governor Lemanu stated, "These off-island resources should arrive this week and be mobilized here to Manu'a as soon as possible. As soon as my office receives more information, it will assist us in formulating effective strategies for keeping you safe."

Residents of Manua will soon get the data they have been waiting for on what is causing the tremors shaking Manu’a with the arrival of 4 seismometer machines from Honolulu on Thursday. These machines will be installed in Ofu/Olosega, Tau and Tutuila. Two more members from the USGS Honolulu also arrived on Thursday evening and they will join Dr Natalia and Dr Drew Downs who are already in American Samoa to identify the cause of the earthquakes in Manua.

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