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Car Wash Fundraising Illegal

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

It is illegal to hold fundraising on the side of the road, that is the explanation from the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Foifua Foifua Jr when questioned by KVZK News today

A group that held a car wash fundraiser last week and told KVZK News they were ordered by police to close down their activities on the spot.

One of the organizers of one of the carwash who wished not to be named, told KVZK News that around 1 p.m., four marked DPS SUVs arrived at their location along Nuuuli road and ordered their car wash to close. Within a matter of minutes, they were cleared from the property. Speaking to KVZK News today, Deputy Commissioner Foifua Foifua Jr said it is illegal under the laws of American Samoa to conduct any fundraising on or near the road. Foifua was referring to section 22:0407 of the Code Annotated Section 22:0407 says, No person may solicit money or raise funds on or near a sidewalk or the public roadway by standing, sitting or dancing, with or without the playing of music or the use of a public-address system, to entice, lure, or urge by requests or pleas to drivers, occupants of vehicles or pedestrians for money or funds, or a pledge therefor.

(b) Any police officer who observes a violation of this section shall immediately confiscate and take into possession all equipment and money found at the location of the solicitation or fundraising. Any item confiscated shall be held in the custody of the Department of Public Safety until disposed of by order of the court.

Foifua said the officers are concerned about the safety of the people who are organizing these fundraising because some of them run onto the road to collect money without paying attention to the busy traffic. These fundraising often occur during the afternoon when everyone is out shopping and it is dangerous, said Foifua.

The Deputy Commissioner said his office is now looking at how they can accommodate these fundraising moving them away from the main road. In the meantime, there are no more car wash fundraising until further notice said Foifua

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