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Chief Ulberg: "better to be safe than sorry"

Due to weather conditions alia transportation to and from Aunuu has been suspended since Tuesday. Members of the public are urged to heed the advisory, said Marine Patrol Chief, Ina Ulberg.

Today the Marine Patrol offered Aunu’u residents transportation from Aunuu to Tutuila for residents that require medical attention.

"The Marine Patrol are on standby to transport Aunu'u residents for medical purposes only," said Ulberg.

Adding that while they understand the frustrations of Aunu'u residents wanting to travel to Tutuila, however, due to safety precautions they have to suspend transportation as waves are as high as 20 feet.

According to Ulberg, they will not take risks when it comes to the safety of Aunuu residents.

Today the marine patrol division delivered 50 cases of water for the residents of Aunu’u.

Ulberg said once the weather clears up and it is safe for residents to travel to Auasi they will restore transportation.

"However in the meantime, I appeal to the families in Aunuu to please have patience; it is better to be safe than sorry."

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