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Close to 300 new hires from Samoa

Close to 300 new Starkist workers from Samoa arrived in the territory in the span of four weeks.

This is to accommodate the request by StarKist for more manpower. A total of 120 workers were on the Lady Samoa II yesterday.

Workers are recruited from Samoa under the special Guest Workers Program by the American Samoa Government (ASG) for Starkist.

The current process entails open invitations by word of mouth/media for applications which are reviewed by the company.

The ongoing challenge is the inconsistent flow of workers, but the need remains for the high volume of production to meet market demands.

According to a StarKist official workers are required to get the operation going, some of the fish cleaners have been promoted to other positions, others have returned home to care for their families and there were also workers that were deported.

Eight months ago Starkist Plant Director, Mr Injoo Ha and Management visited Samoa to establish partnerships with the Government of Samoa for the recruitment of about 1000 workers.

The intention is to utilize the established labor-sending units under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour and the newly established District Councils for recruitment mandated by the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development.

Meetings were held with Leatinuu Wayne Fong (MCIL), Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao Schmidt, (MAF) and Leota Laki Lamositele (MWCSD).

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