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Congratulations class of 2023 Kanana Fou High School

Honorable Lemanu P. S. Mauga, Governor of American Samoa delivered his special remarks at the Kanana Fou High School Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, June 8, 2023, at the Kanana Fou Taeaoafua Gymnasium in Tafuna: “Faafetai and Faamalo to you graduates on this day. You have reached a milestone in your journey.

Although you’ve been in school for more than 12 yrs, this is not the end, this is just another step forward. You have faced many challenges during your time in school, your world has had many obstacles, however, it has not hindered you from coming all this way to triumph. Malo le tauivi.

I want you to understand that a major part of life is Failure. Failure is frequently expressed as the inability to perform or to act according to expectations.

The question is, Who sets those expectations? Often we struggle to move past the failure of living up to the expectations set by others and sometimes ourselves.

Even the feeling of failure immobilizes us and takes away our self confidence. I encourage you that it is a must for us to get up, dust it off, and try again.

Failure to me, a lot of times, is a good thing. We gain new confidence after a time of strife, because we spend much time on our knees praying for God’s help.

We seek God’s refuge and guidance in this hour of pleading, thus creating a foundation and stepping stone of humility.

The challenges you face from here on out are real; they are serious and they are many. Our struggles of life do not identify our gender, ethnic and religious background, or our social status.

These are struggles of life that we must face head on in order for us to learn, endure, and overcome. I ask that you do not be discouraged because I assure you that by putting your trust in God’s hands, your dreams and goals will be possible by the Grace of God.

By keeping God in your life and in your heart, you will be protected, you will be directed, you will be corrected, and you will be humbled. Hold fast to your faith in the Father, as you have been taught all of your lives, because He created you to be, and He knows you through and through.”

In closing Governor Lemanu encouraged, “Let your search for God’s pathways be the start of your new journey. "His Ways are rooted in Mercy and will make your lives prosperous.

"You will pave ways beyond the expectations of this world. With God, all things are possible. So Graduates, go with God, and I urge you to take chances, and be fearless when you do. Go forward and conquer the world.”

Governor Lemanu commended the parents of the graduates, church leaders, community leaders, and the faculty and staff of KFHS.

A total graduating class of twenty-nine students received their high school diplomas.

Two students were recognized to receive the highest achievement awards of the graduating class: Co-valedictorian Deshawnalaine Tavita and Co-valedictorian Faafetai Roe; KFHS also acknowledged two Co-salutatorians: Letauiloamiotamalii Vaa and Denise Tuailemafua.

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