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Convicted felon, Lauolefiso Manu Naea still on the run

Two of the three prisoners that escaped over the weekend are back in jail, with Lauolefiso Manu Naea remaining at large.

The Department of Public Safety’s Chief of Police, Pouu’amea Tuaolo Supapo said Police Officers are tracking down Lauolefiso.

As first reported by KVZK news over the weekend three prisoners, Joeita Faaaliga, Martin Sega and Lauolefiso Manu Naea escaped from the Tafuna Correctional Facility early Saturday morning. Faaaliga however turned himself in back to the TCF.

According to Supapo, Sega is back in jail as of yesterday.

She did not provide details of how Sega was captured but warned that Lauolefiso is considered dangerous and that if anyone has information of his whereabouts they should call DPS at 633 1111.

The Police Chief said, they received a call about a break-in at Futiga and the description of the suspect matched Faaaliga on Saturday and when she visited the TCF, Faaaliga just walked back into the TCF.

Supapo also noted there were only four Correction Officers working that Saturday, two females and two males guarding a population of 300 inmates.

The Chief of Police also took issue with the lack of accountability by the TCF officers when prisoners escape from jail.

"They should have contacted the Police as soon as they found out the prisoners escaped from jail, so our officers can go hunt them down.

"The major concern is the lack of reporting such matters to the Police, so we can do our job and look for these prisoners.

"The last thing we need is for these prisoners to escape and kill someone. In the end, the government will be liable.

"It is disappointing that when prisoners escape it's as if it is not a big deal to TCF.

"Any prisoner escaping from confinement is a crime,” said Supapo.

Lauolefiso Manu Naea has a wrap sheet as a repeat offender of burglary and stealing convictions.

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