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Court Report

Tito Mamea and Arona Arona, held on bail of $35,000 on second-degree assault, public peace disturbance, and third-degree assault, were arraigned in the High Court today.

This case is in connection to a fight on a fishing boat. As a result, the Captain was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit, fighting for his life.

According to court filings, on July 31, 2023, Port Security dropped off Arona Arona at the Central Police Station in Fagatogo and reported that crew members were fighting on the Fetu ole Moana fishing boat.

Arona said that he and Mamea were drinking and dancing when the Captain punched him, and that's when they assaulted him.

The victim's son told Police she was in the room when he heard a commotion coming from the front of the boat, and he noticed his father lying on the floor while Mamea and Arona were standing by the Captain holding steel pipes.

The son further stated that when Mamea saw him, he threw him with the steel pipe, jumped off the boat, swan to the pier, and informed the Port Securities for assistance.

According to the medical report, the victim suffered a five-centimeterlaceration extending through all five scalp layers and was admitted to the ICU

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