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Court Report

Sentencing for Iosefa Su’a, implicated in a drug case, has been deferred for three years by the High Court.

The defendant pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful possession of the controlled substance of marijuana in the High Court today. Associate Justice Elvis Pila Patea presided over the change of plea hearing today with Associate Judges Su’apaia Pereira and Paepae Iosefa Faiai on the bench.

Su’a was charged in February this year after the Vice and Narcotics detectives received a call from a confidential informant indicating that the defendant was meeting with a buyer to deliver liquid marijuana and marijuana pill capsules.

The Police responded and discovered that Su’a had in his possession a clear package with three syringes containing a brownish liquid color substance and a white pill bottle containing four white capsules inside, according to the government’s case.

The pills and the brownish liquid were tested positive for THC/ marijuana.

The court accepted the defendant’s guilty plea, and sentencing was deferred for three years. However, he was ordered to remain a law-abiding citizen and regularly check in with his lawyer, Talalelei Uiagalelei.

The defendant who resides in Hawaii can depart the territory; however, only the Attorney General has the authority to grant the defendant's entry back into American Samoa.

Su’a was also ordered to attend drug counseling at his expense and must complete the courses. He should then confirm completing the counseling to his lawyer.

A status hearing is scheduled in April 2024 for the lawyers to give the court progress on the defendant’s efforts with his drug counseling while living in Hawaii.

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