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Court Report

A 21-year-old man is held on bail of $20,000 in a domestic violence case. In this matter, KVZK News will not identify the defendant, a Correction Officer, to protect the victim's identity.

In this case, the defendant is charged with one count of second-degree assault and four charges of domestic violence third-degree assault. Court filings say that on October 9, 2023, the victim was playing volleyball with her family, and she was shocked when her husband slapped her and fell to the ground.

The woman was unable to get up as she was seven months pregnant.

Her family members intervened, and the defendant turned around and allegedly slapped his one-year-old son twice. The woman refused to return home, fearing for her life, and went to the neighbor's house.

The defendant appeared and told the woman they needed to talk at their house, but she refused. The defendant allegedly stuck her with a rock used to grind cocoa, and the woman used her hands to block her face. Court filings say this is not the first time the defendant has beaten her.

According to the government's case, last year, on several occasions, the defendant assaulted his wife, and one time, she suffered a blow to her face, resulting in bruises.

The defendant told police he told his wife to watch their son while he played volleyball, and later on, he could not find his son but found him walking near the road. This upset him, and he slapped his wife.

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