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Court Report

An arrest warrant has been issued against a woman over allegations that she took an iPhone from the F&F Electronic Repair Shop in Nu’uli.

According to court filings, the woman took her iPhone 7 to be repaired at the shop, and the owner said the phone had to be sent off island for further repair as he did not have the required tools to repair it.

A month later, Teleseia Toniga went to the shop to check the status of her phone, and the owner told her to give him ten more days as the phone was still overseas.

The woman would not have it and allegedly grabbed an iPhone 6S and walked out with it. Court documents say the woman took the iPhone 6S to replace her iPhone 7, which was taken for repair.

Officers attempted more than once to advise the accused to meet with the Officer to sort out this matter, but she refused and told officers it was none of their business. An arrest warrant was then issued for Telesia Toniga.

To date, the woman has not been served with the warrant yet.

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