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Court Report

In news from the court, a woman accused of stealing a credit card from an apartment in Fogagogo appeared in the District Court recently.

Twenty-six-year-old Lois Skelton is facing three counts of felony stealing, attempted stealing, second-degree burglary, and a misdemeanor, trespassing. According to the government’s case, Skelton allegedly stole a Chase Bank credit card belonging to a woman while the owner was in Samoa.

Skelton used the credit card to purchase items valued at close to $2,000 at various stores and attempted to make another purchase of items over $1,000, but the transaction was declined.

According to court documents, the owner of the credit card, who was off-island, received notification from her bank that her card was being used.

The owner contacted a friend to go to the apartment and check if the card was missing, and indeed, the friend discovered that the card was not in the owner’s wallet.

Police tracked down the defendant through surveillance cameras at some stores where the card was used. When police caught up with the defendant, she allegedly admitted to entering the apartment using a key she had received from a friend.

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