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Cruise Ship Tourism

By: Tosimaea Tupua

American Samoa will soon drop restrictions on cruise ship more than two years after the start of the

pandemic and just months after the country started welcoming international travellers.

The decision to once again allow cruise ships comes as part of a larger easing of border restrictions in

which the country will welcome travellers from any country in the world. A press statement from the

Department of Homeland Security says the Covid-19 Task Force has recommended to the Governor that

travel to American Samoa be completely re-opened to include cruise ships come the beginning of 2023.

For the last few years, the Territory’s limited tourism industry was impacted due to the suspended entry

into American Samoa’s ports. The re-opening schedule will allow relevant ASG departments, authorities,

and private operators to prepare for the resumption of cruise ship tourism which has brought thousands

of tourists each year from around the country and globe.

As Covid-19 restrictions have largely been relaxed and returned to pre-Covid levels, the Covid19 Task

Force continues to communicate its needs and challenges with Federal partners regarding its plans for

long-term recovery.An official announcement on the re-opening date and first cruise ship since Covid-19

to re-enter American Samoa’s ports is forthcoming.

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