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DEC8 Production Documentary filming in American Samoa.

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

A team from DEC8 Productions in the US are in the Territory to film a documentary on the development of football in American Samoa. Aaron Adler of DEC 8 Production in an interview on KVZK TV’s Manuo program said Samoans have become the most over-represented group, per capita, in the NFL so the purpose of the documentary is to show the American audience the life of the people of American Samoa Adler said with so many sons of American Samoa doing well in football, their audience would like to know how the Samoa culture, family and society interacts to create this unique situation that has resulted in many Samoans playing in the NFL.

Apart from football the Aaron and Arthur of DEC8 Productions will also be spending time in villages filming and documenting the Samoan way of life and its influence on the lives of the young footballer

Over the past few seasons, roughly 50 players of Samoan descent have been on NFL rosters – about 3% of the league, and nearly 40 times their proportional share of the U.S. population. The 200-plus Samoans playing Division I collegiate football are similarly over-represented.

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