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The Department of Health is celebrating news that it has received $44 million dollars under ARPA to fund DOH’s 7 major healthcare projects earmarked forTutuila ānd Manua.

Information obtained by KVZK News says the 44 million dollars will be used to expand the DOH clinic in Fitiuta and to relocate the current clinic in Tau. Deputy Director of DOH Vesi Fautanu Jr says the current location of the Tau clinic is not safe and therefore it requires moving it to a better and safe location that can be easily accessed by our people in Tau.

A team from the Department of Health is scheduled to travel to Manua next week to hold meetings with local residents on the proposed projects and also on how the 44 million dollars will be used.

Deputy Director Vesi said the DOH has already divided the cost for each project including the costs to pay the contractors already selected to build the new clinics here in Tutuila and Manua. Vesi did not reveal who the contractors are.

The public meeting held today was organized by DOH to publicly announce the projects but most importantly discuss its plans on how the funds frōm ARPA will be spent.

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