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Dermatology services offered at LBJ

The LBJ is now offering dermatology services via telehealth, thanks to the assistance of Dr. Tobi Marrow in partnership with the Tropical Medical Center.

A dermatologist observes and treats any skin-related medical problems. During a press conference with the media, the Hospital's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Akapusi Ledua, said the telehealth dermatology clinic started in June.

"The dermatology service is now available at the LBJ in partnership with doctor Tobi, who has made her service available through telehealth. "The process of having patients come to LBJ to have their dermatology problems taken care of is to go through either the Medical Clinic, the Surgical Clinic, or the Emergency Room.

"There are few doctors who have already been trained and who have the capability to see all the dermatology patients and send this patient information and the problems to doctor Tobi who will then provide and give us the diagnosis and the treatment for these patients," said Dr Ledua.

"So if you have any problems with the skin or dermatology complaints, you can contact either the Surgical Clinic, Medical Clinic, or the Emergency Room and schedule an appointment."

Dr Marrow during the press conference said if you have a skin problem, you can feel confident to come to LBJ to the departments that were mentioned.

"So we can take a history take some photographs that are sent to me only in a very confidential manner this is not going all over the island or going out to the press this just comes straight to me in a secure and encrypted way.

"I will look at this in a timely fashion and get back to the doctors with a diagnosis and a treatment plan. "We know that 80% of the problems can be taken care of in this way and we also know that we have a provision to see the 20% of patients who have more medically complex situations."

According to Dr Marrow, they will do a full session with the local doctors and the patients who need to be seen.

"Again patients can feel confident that whether they have a minor problem or a major problem we will take care of this together with the group of wonderful doctors that I have worked with LBJ doctor," said Dr Marrow.

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