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DHR invests in young men and women of American Samoa.

Youth development is at the forefront of initiatives led by the Department of Human Resources this summer, with activities empowering the young men and women of American Samoa.

This year the Department hired 1,000 youths as part of its Summer Youth Employment Program, with Job Fairs events, affording the business community and government offices to host booths to showcase platforms for employment opportunities.

Last week, the Department delved into the core of it all….our Samoan culture and traditions. In contrast, the youth participated in conducting traditional speeches during the ava ceremony, games, and Samoan dances.

To conclude its list of events, the department hosted a “Lunch with the Mentors,” where pillars of the community and government shared a meal with the youth and also to honor students for their performances in the workplace.

There was a lot of laughter from these bright young students as they sat down with their mentors for a quick chat and a few words of encouragement from those in the community who the Department of Human Resources has selected to take a more active role in guiding the youth of the Territory.

According to the Director of Human Resources, Lynn Pulou Alaimalo, the goal is to build a more robust support system so our youth can be emboldened, empowered, and encouraged to excel in their current plans. As such, the purpose of this initiative was to create a space where the youth could connect with an adult from the community.

A space for the youth to share their thoughts, frustrations, or aspirations. A special guest at the event was Miss Samoa Haylani Kurrupu, who spoke about the importance of encouraging the youth to do positive things.

The mentors were from various departments and businesses from diverse educational and career backgrounds.

Teachers, business owners, journalists, and so many others were willing to dedicate their time and effort to be mentors.

The event allowed the participants and mentors to bond over a good meal - food, after all, is an excellent way to connect people.

Mentors told KVZK News the event is a great platform to positively influence, support, and empower our youth through open and transparent discussions about their interests, skills, hobbies, and personal challenges.

Lunch with the Mentor is an annual event hosted by the Department of Human Resources, and the hope is for the participants to gain new perspectives and develop leadership skills.

Director Lynn Pulou Alaimalo hopes that events such as lunch with the mentors will leave a lasting impact on the participants.

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