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DHS investigation into alleged misconduct at LBJ continues

The Department of Homeland Security’s investigation into alleged misconduct at the LBJ hospital has hit a snag, says Director of Homeland Security Samana Veavea.

This is in relation to a container that was allegedly cleared under the LBJ and delivered to Lucky Star of Canton Mart, at the time Joe Langkilde was Manager of the hospital Procurement Division.

In an interview with KVZK, Director Ve’ave’a said, Homeland Security will be engaging the services of the Attorney General with their investigation.

He said the Customs have not been cooperative in terms of releasing the necessary information relevant to their investigation.

KVZK news made efforts to get comments from Customs Division, but have been unsuccessful.

The Director said the complaint lodged with Homeland Security by the LBJ hospital in relation to former LBJ staff over alleged misconduct "will be investigated thoroughly in efforts to maintain the Hospital's credibility, confidence, and adherence to policy."

The Executive Director of the hospital board, Dr Jean Anderson told KVZK News aside from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Public Safety, they also lodged an official complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for assistance.

The allegations include potential breaches of the hospital's code of conduct and other potential breaches of the law. Dr Anderson said the Board had referred the allegations to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

Documents obtained by KVZK News say the container had medical protective gear and therefore no excise tax was paid however it was delivered to Canton Mart, in Leone.

Evidence indicates that in turn the Canton Mart sold these products back to LBJ on an incremental basis and at a significant markup in price.

Evidence documenting alleged collusion between the LBJ Medical Center hospital’s former LBJ procurement manager Joe Langkilde and the owners of Lucky Star INC/ Canton Mart were uncovered during an internal investigation by an overseas financial consultant.

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