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DHS to submit full report to AG's office on Kite Runner

The Department of Homeland Security will submit its full report on the information required by the Attorney General's office today at the close of business.

The AG’s office has been tasked with investigating the Vessel Kite Runner’s departure from the Port of Pago Pago to the Port of Apia and the return of the same vessel to the territory.

The Kite Runner was headlined in the news in Samoa when it was seized by the Police over the lack of clearance to enter Samoa’s borders.

Director of Homeland Security, Samana Semo Ve’ave’a told KVZK news the deadline was last Friday.

However, they requested an extension and anticipate the reports will be submitted today.

Director of Port Administration Falenaoti Loi-On Fruean told KVKZ their report was submitted on time last Friday, the deadline given by the AG’s office.

Deputy AG Roy Hall, in an email dated June 16, sent to the Director of Homeland Security and Port Administration, asked the departments to submit information including the registry certificate, photos and specifications of the vessel, Port Authority’s Pago Pago Harbor departure clearance documentation and documentation when it departed Port of Apia to return to the Port of Pago Pago.

Also, the KITE RUNNER’s Captain’s name and the Captain's License for the Vessel KITE RUNNER as a port user and operator.

In his email, Mr Hall said the departure and entry clearances are the responsibility of the vessel’s captain, and a violation may result in disciplinary, suspension or revocation action of the Captain’s USCG maritime license.

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