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DOA agreement with Samoa

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua


The Department of Agriculture has reached an agreement with their counterparts in Samoa to import meat products into the Territory. The agreement would facilitate the processes for the two Samoa the commencement of export/import of meat products provided all export/import requirements and processes for both countries are met

The Samoan Government welcomed the decision of the Am Samoa in addition to other approved agricultural products. American Samoa has also approved the export of salted beef, sausages, eggs, beef meat, and cured corned beef subject to prevailing standards and conditions.

Today in Apia, Director Solia Mutini and 2 members of the House of Representative who are in Apia for the Atoa o Samoa meeting as well as certified officers from the US went on an inspection tour to visit abattoirs and poultry farms in Samoa.

The two Governments look forward to further discussions on the matter including facilitating capacity building and training opportunities.

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