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DOA confirms five acres for poultry and egg farm in Manu'a

The Department of Agriculture has confirmed five acres of land in Faleasao Manu’a for the government’s poultry and egg farm.

This was confirmed by the Director of Agriculture, Solia Mutini, in response to the KVKZ news team questions in Manu’a for coverage of the Manu’a Cession Day celebration this weekend.

In March, Mutini confirmed during a House hearing that land had been secured in Manu’a, which will have 120,000 chickens.

He said, hopefully, the farm will supply eggs and chickens for the territory before the end of the year. Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga led the site visit to the area in question this morning.

This is part of the government's efforts for American Samoa to tackle food security, whereas, during Covid, the territory dealt with unprecedented supply chain challenges, especially by the Island’s rural and remote location.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the Island’s economy, disrupting supply chains and contributing to significant delays in shipping.

The supply shortage and high demand caused a spike in food prices and limited resources. In February, Governor Lemanu, Chief of Staff Loa, and Director Mutini visited a Chicken Farm in Maryland to explore its operation with hatchery, incubation, and processing processes.

Chicken is an indispensable part of the lives of the people in American Samoa, and the cost of a box of chicken continues to rise due to the inflation affecting the whole nation.

The Lemanu-Talauega administration’s path forward is for American Samoa to prepare and supply its chicken.

The chicken farm will collaborate with the government and the community.

It will provide job opportunities and initiate an affordable entry point for long-term economic investment.

The investment into the chicken farm can be transformed into a wide array of marketable products that will benefit the people of American Samoa.

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