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DOC presents on economy, tourism and human capital development

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua


Strengthening exports and manufacturing between the two Samosas was well covered by DOC Director Petti Matila. According to Matila, strengthening exports help support diversification of our local economies. Matilda proposed that the two samoa should hold trade shows to further promote trade between the two Samoa and also noted opportunities available for business investments and expansion in American Samoa.

Matila also addressed the importance of Tourism in the development of both countries in particular as part of covid 19 recovery efforts. Matila mentioned the importance of joint marketing opportunities to promote the two Samoa in global tourist markets, including travels to Manuatele. The vital links between the tourism industries and air travel as a contributing factor for economic growth and development was also highlighted

Director Matila recognized the significance of human capital development for both Samoa. The Samoan Government acknowledged a proposal by the American Samoa Government to develop an exchange program to address the development of the workforce, movement of workers and seasonal work between the two samoa and that existing recruitment processes would need to be adapted to the specific context of workers for the starkist operations

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