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DOE invests in rugby development

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Lilomaiava Tosima'ea Tupua in Apia, Samoa

Targeting young players for the development of rugby in the territory has been a priority for the American Samoa Rugby Union.

What is encouraging for the ASRU is the steady increase in the number of young people taking up the sport.

In Apia this week for the Marist 7s, the ASRU in collaboration with the Department of Education, are looking at rugby development opportunities to strengthen the sport overall in American Samoa.

DOE officials and a team from American Samoa are in Apia this week for the Marist 7s Tournament.

Lupematasila Manatua Tanielu of the Department of Education says the main objective of the DOE is capitalizing on tournaments such as the Marist 7s to further enhance the knowledge and skills of our students in the sport of rugby.

Lupematasila says in collaboration with the ASRU, the Department of Education will be creating a range of partnerships with local operations and other non-rugby entities which have played a significant role in spreading rugby locally.

One of these has been a campaign to introduce rugby in high schools.

He says the tournament will also be used to promote the game and it is hoped the heightened exposure will bring more players to the sport at community and club level.

The governing body, the American Samoa Rugby Union (ASRU) is certainly taking no chances. It’s been preparing ways to create scholarship opportunities for students in American Samoa.

The president of the ASRU Falefata Moli Lemana says there are plans and tangible targets for participation, coaching, volunteers, facilities and outreach programs already in the pipeline to boost local participation.

He agrees with Lupematasila that it's important for American Samoa to seize the opportunity that a Marist Seven brings.

Our Under 18 team played their first 3 games today in Apia.

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