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DOH confirms increased community transmission of Respiratory Viruses

The Department of Health has confirmed increased community transmission of Respiratory Viruses such as Covid-19, RSV, and Influenza.

In a statement issued, the DOH noted that to get ahead of this increase and reduce transmission, they advise the public to adhere to the following safety protocols where necessary to keep you and your family safe.

These protocols are:

  • Sanitize your hands regularly or wash them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

  • Cover Coughs and Sneezes with a tissue or elbow, dispose of tissues in a covered dustbin, and wash hands afterward. A mask is also advisable if coughing and sneezing are regular in children's presence.

  • Clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces using effective disinfectants against COVID-19.

  • Stay home when sick and avoid large gatherings or close contact with friends, family, and workmates.

  • Get tested if you think you may be getting sick.

  • Due to the likelihood of children getting severely sick in times when Respiratory Viruses are in circulation, everyone is encouraged to engage in smoking outdoors as much as possible.

  • If symptoms persist, visit your nearest health facility.

  • Stay updated on local health guidance regarding respiratory diseases.

For more information, Call 219.

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