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DOH Health Report

By Gregoury Kuresa

The ASDOH Environmentaʻ Health Services have shut down 7x 7 Malae in Vailoa, that makes the popular banana chips for breaching food safety rules.

According to Aileen Solaita of ASDOH Environmental Health Services Division, the business was closed this week Monday after it flouted health and safety regulations. The decision to close 7x 7 Vailoa came after its repeated failure to meet health and food safety standards. Two notices were already issued against the same place in addition to a warning of closure because of low cleanliness levels in food preparation and storage areas."

Photos on the ASDOH Facebook page shows peeled bananas in old buckets left outside in the open with dogs and cats roaming the area. KVZK News understands that 7x7 Malaeloa will need to meet with the local health authority to explain future plans to maintain compliance, clean and sanitize the business' food contact surfaces, storage areas, floors, walls, and ceiling.

In the closure order, the 7x 7 is to be closed until the health authority has "provided authorization to re-open" when it has completed all the appropriate actions listed.

ASDOH also shut down M & Z Nuuli this week due to unsanitary conditions. M & Z is a catering business that makes sushi sold at various shops in the Territory.

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